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Customer Support
How Do I Create an Account for Eros Island?
Not Receiving or Deleted Validation Email
Customizing Your Profile Page
The World
Finding Your Way Around
Customizing Avatar In-Game
Customizable Textures – Clothes, Tattoos, etc.
What are some of the advanced moves in Eros Island?
How do I interact with objects?.
What do all the buttons on the navigation bars do?
Account Changes
Payment Method / Payment Detail Changes for VIP Subscription
Need to update your credit card info for Clams sales?
Where can I send suggestions?
How do I use Voice Chat?
What are Chips?

Tech Support
Disconnects / Failure to Login / Timeout on Login
Crashing / Disconnecting / Timing Out While Logged In
How do I find my Debug.log, Patch.log and Repair.log files to send in?
Minimum System Requirements for Running Eros Island
Satellite / Wireless Connections

World Operations
How do I earn points on my profile?
What are the Forums?
Using Clams

What is a Spot and How Does it Work?
How to Select your Spot
How to Get to Spots
How to Pay Rent
How to Set your Rules
How to Decorate your Spot

Customer Support


How Do I Create an Account for Eros Island?

You can visit the homepage and click on the ‘Sign Up’. From here you will choose your Username, Password, and what email you would like to be your login, and would like to receive our updates and notifications under.

You will also be asked to choose a Gender. This can be whatever you wish, and does not have to be your true Gender. This is a fantasy world, so feel free to be whoever you want to be. This will appear on your profile however, so please ensure it is reflective of the persona you wish to have in Eros Island.

You can also designate another user as a ‘Sponsor’, which means they will receive bonus Clams for referring you over to the site. If no one referred you, please leave this field blank.

Once you confirm that you have read over the Terms of Service, simply click the ‘Register’ button to start your free Eros Island account!

Note: You will have to visit the email address you signed up with and find your account Validation Email.

Click on the link included in this email to activate your account. Some email providers do have rather heavy spam filters, and with the nature of Eros Island’s community, our mail can get logged as spam. Please make sure to check your Spam or Junk folder if you do not receive the validation email within a few minutes of registering on


Not Receiving or Deleted Validation Email

There will be a code included in every activation email sent now, which you can use to activate your account if there is some sort of issue with clicking on the link.

If it is a situation where the email didn’t arrive or was deleted, you can resend yourself that email through the login page: , with the link that says ‘Resend Validation Email’.

If all else fails, you can email from the address you signed up with, and we can force the validation for you and allow you to login and enjoy Eros Island.


Customizing Your Profile Page

After clicking on the link in the Validation email, you will be brought to your profile page. You will start off with a blank template, and it is your canvas to create with from there. You can post pictures, embed videos, keep a blog, and generally create yourself a little space to call home on the web.

Changing Status / Personal Information

You can use the tabs along the top to navigate through the customizable information pages on your profile, and change whatever you wish along the way.

For personal information, such as age, sex, orientation, etc, please go through ‘My Profile’ and use the ‘Personality’ and ‘Basic Info’ sections.

Uploading Pictures

For pictures, you will have to go to the ‘My Pics’ tab, which will bring you to the picture upload page. From here, you will have to click on the ‘Add Pic’ icon, which should open you up a small window to choose the picture you wish to upload.

Note: To set one as your profile picture, click the empty box in the top left hand corner of the desired picture. You will see a menu appear up in the left hand corner. Drop this menu down and select the ‘Set as Default’ option, which will tag that picture as the one displayed on your main profile page.

You can also set the pictures with different options, to ensure only certain people can see a certain amount of what you have uploaded. You can use the options along the top of each picture to lock the image to only be available for VIP members, or only for people that you have added as a Friend. You can always leave pictures open for anyone to view, but these options are there if you want to restrict any access.

These same options are also available for your entire profile through the ‘My Settings’ tab.

How do I change my account password?

You can change your email address and your password in the Account Info page within your My Profile tab when logged into your profile.

For the password recovery, an email will be sent to email address on file for your account. You will have to click through the links provided to recover or reset your password.

To change your email, you will need to click on a link that will be sent to the original email you are switching from. This is to ensure that all email address changes are legitimate, and to prevent the theft of accounts.

Note: If you do not have access to the address we have on file, and therefore cannot click on the verification link, please email and we will assist. We will simply need you to confirm something sensitive about your account, and we can make the change manually for you, as understandably people can lose access to email addresses from time to time.


The World

After you have fiddled with your profile page, you will probably want to enter the actual 3D World.

You will have to download the world to be able to play within it, and you can do so from your profile page, or the direct link below:

Once it is downloaded, you will find a Eros Island icon on your desktop. Double click on it, and it will load and present you with a login screen. You will have to use the information you signed up with to login.

There will also be any current news located below the login area, to keep everyone up to speed.

How do the Eros Island avatars work?

Once you've created your username and password and logged into Eros Island, you will see your Avatar in the Welcome Center. This Avatar is your digital representation in the Virtual World. Your avatar allows you to move around in the virtual environment, exchange greetings, communicate using text chat, play games and much more.

How do I move around the world with my avatar?

Walking - Holding down the Left Mouse button will move your avatar in the direction the Avatar is facing. Moving the mouse while you hold the left button down will also turn your avatar.
(You also may use the four arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys to walk)

Running - Pressing the Control key will cause your Avatar to run. Press the key again to stop.

Jumping - Pressing the Space Bar will cause your Avatar to jump.

Note: You can also turn on a Super Jump feature in the Options that will dramatically increase the height you can leap with your avatar.

Backwards - Hold both Mouse buttons at the same time will cause the Avatar to move backwards. This is the same as the down arrow key.

Camera View - Holding down the Right Mouse button and rotating the mouse will move the viewing area/camera angle without moving the Avatar.


Finding Your Way Around

The best way to get acquainted with the layout of Eros Island, Virtual Vancouver and Rude Virtual is to simply spend some time walking around, talking to other users, as well as volunteers and Guides, who are always willing to help someone get familiar with where businesses, clubs and other attractions are located.

Things can change very quickly in the world, so there are not currently any maps or anything of that nature available.

You can always email as well and we will be happy to help.



You can either talk to all the users in a given dimension or area through the General Chat, which will be displayed unless you choose to turn it off. You can also talk through Private Messages, but that functionality is restricted to VIP users only. If you are a Basic member, you can still privately chat, but a VIP member will have to initiate the private conversation. To initiate a Private Chat, right-click on the other user and choose the ‘Private Message’ option off to the list.


Customizing Avatar In-Game

To change clothes, gender, or anything else about your in-world ‘avatar’, simply login and click on the ‘Customize’ icon along the top of your page. The menu will open from there, and you will be able to change anything you like about the appearance of your character. Aside from Custom Textures, there are dozens of built-in clothes and accessories you can choose from to adorn your avatar. These will be located in the Customize menu. Make sure to click ‘Show Changes’ when you are done, or else your alterations will not appear.


Customizable Textures – Clothes, Tattoos, etc.

Under the Clothing tab on your Social Center page, you will find a huge bank of user-created clothing & textures. Some are free, but premium textures will cost you Clams.

You can also upload your own creations, and start selling or Gifting to your Friends through this section.

You can dress your avatar through the Clothing page, and see those changes reflected on your avatar in the 3D World in real-time.

Please forward any issues or questions with the Closet system on the Social Center or in the 3D World to our Tech Support Team through the Support Tickets link at the top of this FAQ.


What are some of the advanced moves in Eros Island?

Control key (CTRL) – Run or fly – Press the control key once to run faster in the world, press again to go back to walking. Also use the control key to start/end the flying mode inside the "Sports Club". Use your mouse to move around once in flying mode.

Mouse Right key – Camera View – Holding down the Right Mouse button and rotating the mouse will move the viewing area/camera angle without moving the Avatar.

Mouse both keys – Backwards -- Hold both Mouse buttons at the same time will cause the Avatar to move backwards. This is the same as the down arrow key.

'?' key – Center – The avatar will return to the center position – this is the default view.

'<' '>' keys – Turn Camera Angle – Allows you to see your own avatar from the side or front for viewing your “Expression movements” and “Interaction movements”.

Things to click on:

This is a single click world, no double clicking required.

In general if you want to interact with an object or person in the virtual world all you have to do is to SINGLE click on it. Clicking on a chair will walk you over to sit in it. Clicking on a person who is offering a handshake will walk you over to shake hands with that person.


How do I interact with objects?

You will see icons appear over certain objects, like a door over a surface you can open, or a graphic of a person sitting in a chair. Those icons show you can interact with that object. If you do not see an icon, it means that object is simply decoration.

Chairs – When you click on a chair you will walk over to the chair and sit in it. In order to get up from the chair, just push the forward arrow key and you will stand up.

Wall murals - These are known as props. While many are clickable, some are just posters to provide the user with information. If you move your mouse over a clickable prop, the mouse will switch to a magnifying glass. You can then left click and the content you clicked on will automatically load in your browser or movie player.

Doors - Doors must be clicked to walk through them, in the same manner as chairs and other objects.


What do all the buttons on the navigation bars do?

FRIENDS - This will list either all of your peers online or just your online friends.

HOME - This will bring you back the Transport Center if clicked while in-world.

CUSTOMIZE - This window currently lets you choose the avatar and clothes / accessories that you want to represent you in the virtual world.

DIMENSIONS – You can switch to different orientations (Standard, Anything Goes, Furry, BDSM, etc) for preference, as it will place you among a set of users that share your interests. Also offered is different language dimensions, such as Spanish, French, Dutch, etc, so that you can interact in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. We are always adding new languages, so if you’re native language is not included, it is likely on the way. Feel free to send a suggestion into if you do not see the language you desire to communicate in.

PROFILE - This button will open a new browser window and allow you to access and edit your profile.

SEARCH - This button will allow you to search other users' profiles.

OPTIONS - Pulls up a menu that allows you to choose your texture detail, language and sounds setting.

SUPPORT - Our support contact information is listed.

VIP - If you are not yet VIP, this is the button to hit to get you there. If you are VIP, this button should not appear.

Avatar Icon - Click this button to make your avatar become nude. You will have to click on the top and bottom to remove that respective piece of clothing. Available for VIP members ONLY.

FORUMS - This will open a browser window and take you to the Forums section of the website.

1st/3rd - This button moves the camera from the first person to the third person and vice-versa. You can also use the scrollbar on your mouse to accomplish the same function.

FAQ - Accesses the FAQ page you are currently reading.

QUIT - You will be prompted if you really want to quit, if yes, it will exit the application and log you off.


Account Changes

Pin Reset

Your pin is a code, minimum four characters, that protects your hard-earned Clams, much the same as a pin would protect your bank account when you use a debit card.

You will create one upon signing into the Social Center website for the first time, and you will need to enter that pin every time you make a transaction with Clams, be it on the Marketplace, buying a Gift, or anything else.

If you lose this pin, we can reset it for you, but due for security reasons, we will need to have you verify something before we can reset a pin for you.

If you find you need your pin reset, please send an email into with the following information and we’ll be glad to help :

- If you are currently a paying VIP member, please verify the first and last name attached to your payment.

- If you are currently VIP on a Gift, please verify the name on the ID used to age verify with us to activate the Gift.

- If you are a Basic member you cannot transfer Clams, therefore there is no need to have a pin reset. If you would like the pin reset nonetheless, and you have not age verified or paid in the past, then you will need to age verify with us now. To do so, upload a scan or a digital photo of your Government issued ID to and let us know in an email that you wish to have a pin reset along with the upload, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Cancelling Your Account

There are two different situations when you come to the conclusion you no longer want to have an Eros Island account. In either case, the quickest way to accomplish a cancellation is to email and we will take care of the details for you.

Firstly, if you are currently a paying VIP member, you will need to set your account to downgrade back to Basic status so you do not get charged any longer.

You can cancel the account fully at this point, but you will be forgoing any remaining VIP time by doing so. Please make this explicitly clear if this is what you wish to do. If you want to simply downgrade and leave the account as Basic, please also tell us that and we’ll take the appropriate action.

Secondly, if you are currently a Basic member, and you request to cancel, it will remove your account from Eros Island entirely. Please ensure you wish to do so, as we cannot always reactivate a canceled account, and generally will only do so in special circumstances.

You can also visit this site to cancel online :

Age Verification

We may ask to prove that you are of legal age to be a participant in the site at any time, as we must ensure that no minors or under-aged persons are accessing our unique community, or the adult content within.

If you are not being billed on a credit card, and want to access VIP content, either through a Gift, a non-credit card payment method, or someone else purchasing you VIP access, you will need to age verify with us before we can upgrade you to VIP.

Also, if you have not billed previously, or age verified in the past, we will require that you do so when requesting a pin reset, to ensure security of your hard-earned Clams.

You may also age verify your account at any time without being prompted, as then any Gifts you receive in the future will be automatically applied without the hassle of age verifying. Also, if we have a name on file, and you need a pin reset, you can simply confirm the name and we can have it reset for you right then and there.

To age verify all we need is a government issued photo ID that clearly shows the country of origin or issuing government agency, your full name and date of birth. You can use driver's license, ID or passport. We work with all foreign countries.

To upload your ID today, please visit :

If all else fails, you can also always email us at and we can help you from there.


Payment Method / Payment Detail Changes for VIP Subscription

Credit Cards

As we use a third party billing company to process our credit card transactions, any changes that need to be made will have to be done in their system, as they, and not us, hold your sensitive credit card information.

Toll free US: (800) 935-5771
Int'l Phone: (514) 788-3310
By Email:

Of course, you can always contact us as well if you are having issues with DHD Billing support, and we can attempt to help from there.

Other Methods

Simply send an email into and we can provide more specific information on any of these methods, details you need to switch payment methods, or the particulars on your chosen payment method.


Need to update your credit card info for Clams sales?

If you have purchased clams in the past your credit card info is saved with the biller so you can easily make multiple purchases. If you need to update or change this credit card you can do it here: via the “My Account” tool. Our billing company requires you to login with your username and password and well as the last 4 digits of the current credit card on file.

Forgot the last 4 digits of your credit card on file?

If you need the last four digits of the current credit card you have on file so you can access the “My Account” tool, you can email and we can look this information up for you. Please make sure you email us for the email address listed on your account and supply your username in Eros Island.


Where can I send suggestions?

Once you are registered on our forums, we have a board specifically for Suggestions. We review this board often. Posting any suggestions on this board guarantees that your suggestion will at least be reviewed. You can also always send anything into and it will be passed along to the appropriate party.


How do I use Voice Chat?

Hardware Setup

Plug in your headphones or mic / speaker combination.

Verify they can capture and play sounds.

To set up your mic, and test that it is capturing sound, please click on your Operating System for some quick steps: (Windows XP, Vista, 7).

XP –
Vista and 7 -

Start Voice Chat

Once you are sure your mic and speakers are set up for Voice Chat properly, and are signed into the 3D World, follow these steps to launch Voice Chat.

Click the Word Bubble icon on your regular text Chat window menu bar.

This will launch the Channel Viewer window, where you can find everyone else in the area who has their Voice Chat activated, and Connect to their Channel.

In the ‘Participants’ section of the Voice Chat window, you can see all the members participating in either a Group or 1-on-1 Chat. If you click on a user, you can use the slide bar at the bottom of the window to adjust their volume, or click on the microphone button to mute them altogether.

Group Chat

You will not be heard, or hear anyone else, until you choose to enter a Group or 1 on 1 Chat. To connect to the Group Channel, simply hit ‘Connect’ in a room where Voice Chat is available.

The Channel Viewer window will also show all the names of users who have Voice Chat activated in that room at that time, and are connected to the Group Chat.

1 on 1 Chat

If you want to have a private chat with someone, you can right-click on their Avatar and choose the ‘1-on-1 Chat ’ option. If the other user accepts the invite, or you accept an invite from another user, the 1-on-1 conversation will show in the Available Channel of the Voice Chat window.

When you are connected, you will see a circle appear around your feet. If you are activated and chatting, the circle will expand and contract with the volume of your voice. If you have muted yourself, the circle will appear Grey. If you have muted another user, their circle becomes Grey as well.

Your conversation will also show you and the other participant in the ‘Participants’ section of the window. Now you can connect, adjust the volume on other users voices, and mute them.

Voice Settings

In the Settings screen here, you can adjust your own Input and Output volumes, being the volume you hear and speak at while in Voice Chat. You can access the Settings from within your Voice Chat window, from the large ‘Settings’ button, or from the regular User Options drop-down menu under ‘Voice Chat’.

Here you can Mute your own microphone, so you can join Chats but not be able to be heard. Check the box and Save to apply.

Push to Talk: If this option is enabled, you can only talk when holding down the ‘T’ key on the keyboard. This option can be good to use if you’re talking intermittently, so you don’t forget the microphone is live.

Voice Fonts

Voice Fonts allow you to mask your own voice as something else, and keeps the fantasy aspect of Eros Island alive and well, even when using Voice Chat.

To purchase a Voice Font, click on the Get More button on the Voice Chat Settings screen.

This will open a new window, where you can record a short clip of your own voice, and use that recording to sample the different Voice Fonts available.

To record a sample of your Voice to use, hit the record button. Speak for a few seconds and then hit Record again to stop the recording.

Under the ‘Available Voice Fonts’ drop-down menu, choose from the available Fonts. When you select one, hit Play to see what your sample voice clip sounds like with a Font.

Some of the fonts will also have a ‘Bass-Tenor’ option, where you can adjust the deepness of the Font as well.

You can set a custom name for the Font as well, in the ‘Custom Name’ area. With this function, you can keep fonts organized however you like them.

When you are satisfied with the Voice Font you have chosen, hit the ‘Subscribe’ option, which will give you access to that Voice Font for 30 days after purchase.

NOTE:Once you set the bass-tenor levels for a Voice Font, you CAN NOT alter them until your 30 day subscription to that Font is complete. You can subscribe to the font again, set a different level and save as another Font, but you cannot edit once you subscribe.

Back on the Settings page, you can now apply your Voice Font.

In the ‘Active Voice Font’ dropdown, choose the Font you want to sound like, and Save Changes.

Your voice will now sound like this font until you change to a different one, or choose the ‘No Font’ option from the Settings window.

‘No Font’ will allow you to sound just as your normal voice would.

PLEASE NOTE: Basic Members can connect and chat in Group Chat, but cannot initiate 1-on-1 conversations. Basics have the ability to have 1-on-1 chats, but only if invited by a VIP member, the same way Private Messages work right now In-World.

Where can I Voice Chat?

Voice Chat is available currently in the Spot Lobby, and the main Street. You can also make any property you own into a Voice area by selecting the option to 'Enable Voice' from the Rules section of your Property Management page.

Skype Users - Advisory

Please be advised that Skype uses the same port as our Voice Chat. If you are using Skype and the 3D World at the same time, you may experience some Voice Chat problems.

Setting up a Voice Area

If you are a property owner, whether it is a Spot or a Business, you can set your property as a Voice area.

There is an option in Room Settings called ‘Enable Voice’. Check this option and save and that room will be turned into a Voice Chat area.

To disable Voice Chat, simply uncheck the box, and Save.


What are Chips?

Chips are used in the Play for Fun Casino.

How do I get Chips?

You can change your existing Clams over into Chips. 1 Clam = 10 Chips.

You can buy Chips with your Clams. You will get 10 Chips per Clam. To purchase your Chips, use the ‘Buy Chips’ option on any Tiberius Play for Fun Casino game, or from the link on your profile page, underneath your Chips balance.

Where/what can I do with my Chips?

Chips can be used for Play in the Casino, for Spot properties, or to send your Friends certain Web Gifts.

Can I transfer Chips to Friends and other Users?

Yes you can. Click the ‘Send Me Chips’ link on another user’s profile page. Soon, you will also be able to send Chips live within the 3D World by right-clicking on another user, and selecting the Chips option.

PLEASE NOTE: Chips cannot be exchanged for Clams. Chips are Play for Fun only.


Tech Support


Disconnects / Failure to Login / Timeout on Login

If it is not an email / password error you receive upon entry, likely it is an issue of a more technical nature. If so, we will require more details to be able to assess and fix the issue properly.

Please create a new trouble ticket or send an email over to with a full description of your problem, any errors you receive, plus the following files, and we will be able to assist you better.

The files that are needed are your text files:

These files are located in your C:\Program Files\Eros Island\Eros Island VWW Client\ by default.

My Computer --> C:\ Drive --> Program Files --> Eros Island --> Eros Island VWW Client

Please save and attach it to the ticket or email. Please do not copy and paste as we will not receive all the info required.


Crashing / Disconnecting / Timing Out While Logged In

For this kind of problem, we actually need a little more information than for a simple login problem.

Please create a new trouble ticket or send an email over to with a full description of your issue, any errors you receive, plus the following files, and we will be able to assist you better. Please also include the following information;

Who is your ISP?

Is it cable or DSL?

Wired or wireless?

What security software are you running?

Do you have a router?

Also, please send the following files as an attachment in the ticket system or as an email and we will do our best to get to the bottom of the problem.

The files that are needed are your text files:

These files are located in your C:\Program Files\Eros Island Digital Inc\Eros Island 3D Client by default.

My Computer --> C:\ Drive --> Program Files --> Eros Island Digital --> Eros Island 3D Client

Please save and attach it to the ticket or email. Please do not copy and paste as we will not receive all the info required.


How do I find my Debug.log, Patch.log and Repair.log files to send in?

These files are located in your C:\Program Files\Eros Island\Eros Island VWW Client by default.

My Computer --> C:\ Drive --> Program Files --> Eros Island --> Eros Island VWW Client

Please save and attach it to the ticket or email. Please do not copy and paste as we will not receive all the info required.


Minimum System Requirements for Running Eros Island

Processer / CPU - Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent
Operating System - Windows 7 / Vista / XP
RAM - 2 GB
Hard Disk Installation - 3 GB (the total installation is around 1GB but we require additional space to decompress the files during installation)
DirectX - DirectX® version 9.0c
Video Card - Geforce 6 or higher. With 128 MB recommended.
Please check out this wiki for more information:

Sound Card - DirectX® 9 certified sound card
Connection - Multiplayer via Internet DSL or Cable High Speed Internet DSL or Cable High Speed Internet

Netbooks - We cannot support any kind of Netbook setup, as these types of latops do not meet our minimum requirements for RAM and processing ability.

Note: These are our recommended minimum requirements for running the Eros Island client successfully. Meeting these standards does not necessarily guarantee that the client will work on your system as other software applications or hardware may affect the performance of your system in an undesired way. These just means the client is compatible with your system.


Satellite / Wireless Connections

These kinds of connections are inherently unstable, and cannot be relied upon to provide the steady connection that is necessary to maintain your online status in the game. If the connection drops or fluctuates for a few seconds, it may disconnect you. Unfortunately those kinds of fluctuations are normal and due not affect regular web browsing or downloading. Due to this issue we cannot always ensure the game will work with wireless and / or satellite connections.


World Operations


How do I earn points on my Profile?

Popularity Points: awarded each time your profile is given a high rating. You also get Popularity Points whenever someone adds you as a friend.

Karma Points: awarded whenever you give someone a gift. Giving bigger gifts increases your Karma more than giving smaller gifts.

Sexiness Points: awarded each time one of your photos gets a high rating. More quality photos can get your more Sexiness Points. Soon you will also earn Sexiness Points whenever you get it on with someone in Eros Island.

Friendliness Points: earned each time you invite someone to become your friend and they accept. Soon you will also earn Friendliness Points simply by spending active time in Eros Island.


What are the Forums?

The forums provide members with the ability to ask and answer questions and communicate with our staff and other members. You may ask questions related to the software, report bugs or problems, talk politics, introduce yourself or anything you want. Just be sure to submit to the appropriate category and of course, spamming and rude/abusive behavior are forbidden.

What if I need support on the forums?

You can either post a question directly on the forums or you can email us at

How can I delete my posts from the forums?

After you make a post on the forums, you have three days to edit or delete it.



Clams are the virtual currency of Eros Island, and can be used for a variety of different things.

You build these Clams by performing actions on the site, such as rating and posting pictures, blogs, bulletins of your own, or another member. There are limits on how many Clams you can build in a certain time frame as well.

You will see your Clams tabulated on your profile page along the right side, along with a log of how you attained them.


Using Clams

You can buy other members gifts, which can include gift certificates for the Eros Island store, or anywhere from one month up to a year of VIP time. You can also exchange Clams for Working Girls / Working Guys, or other services in the world or on the social center.

You may also use them to upgrade yourself to VIP status. The cost for this for one month is 240 Clams. Please email for details on how to do so.

Please note that any Clams exchanges between members are performed on a ‘buyer beware’ type of basis, and we cannot reverse transfers if you do not get the services or products paid for.

You can also buy and sell Clams, for added convenience, on our Marketplace.




What is a Spot and How Does it Work?

Spots are private virtual housing. Every VIP in Eros Island gets a free Spot that they can decorate and play with. Other people can visit, and they will see some of your pictures, your friends, your profile information, and they can also meet other visitors. This way, you can really be connected to your friends, admirers, and the rest of the community. But you also have control.

You can decide who is allowed to visit, and who isn’t. You can also decide who is allowed to do what. There are many different kinds of Spots that you can choose from, depending on your tastes. You can even have more than one.


How to Select your Spot

There is now a section on your Social Center Home page that is called “Your Virtual Property”. This section shows you all of your Spot’s.

If you don’t have any Spot yet, you can click on the link at the bottom that says, “Click Here to see more Virtual Properties

From there, you will see a list of all the Spots that you can have. You can click to view more details, or, you can click “Purchase” to get yourself that Spot (Don’t worry, you will have a chance to confirm your purchase before you get charged anything).


How to Get to Spots

After you have Registered at least one Spot, you can get to your own Spot any time by going to the Spot graphic at the upper right of your screen when you are in the World. Pull down on the Arrow that gives you the list of additional features, and select “Spot”. You will teleport to your Spot.

To get to another user’s Spot, right-click on the user, and select “Go There (Spot)” If you have permission, you will be teleported to their Spot.


How to Pay Rent

Once your free period (if any) is over, your Spot might have a rental cost. (Entry level Spots are always free for VIP users).

Rent is always charged in Clams, and it is charged on a weekly basis for every Spot that you wish to keep as an active Spot.

If you don’t pay your rent, you can still “keep” that Spot in your inventory, but you can’t decorate it or go there, and no one else can access it, either.

You can pay your rent up to four weeks in advance. You’ll know that you are overdue to pay rent if you see a “Rent Due” notice appear on the list of Spots on your Home page.

To pay rent that is overdue, or to pay in advance, simply click on the Spot that you want to pay for, and select “Rent Deposit”. If you have enough Clams, then one week of rent will be paid. (Note that once you pay rent on a Spot, you cannot get that payment back, even if you don’t use the Spot).

NOTE: You can only have ONE Spot at a time that is your “DEFAULT” Spot. That is the one that you can decorate and visit, and that other users can access. If you have more than one Spot for which you are paying rent, you still can have only one Spot that is accessible at a time. BUT YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED RENT FOR ALL YOUR ACTIVE SPOTS. So, if you have two Spots, and you pay one week of rent on both of them, in one week, rent will be due again for BOTH OF THEM, even if you used only one during the week.

You can deposit up to four weeks of rent for each Spot. That rent payment goes into a “Lock Box”. You cannot get those Clams back from the Lock Box, but each week, when your rent comes due, funds will be transferred automatically from the Lox Box to pay your rent.


How to Set your Rules

You can set all kinds of rules for your Spot! Want friends to fly? Can they get naked? Want it to be a private pad, or a party scene? All these rules can be set by you.

Simply click on the Spot from your Home Page.

Then select, “House Rules

Some default rules are already set for you, but you can change, add and delete rules.

To make easy rules, just select whether the rule is to Allow or Deny an action (Like Allow people to Fly, or Deny people access…)

Next, you will select what list the rule applies to (such as, “My Friends” or “My Ignores” or “Everyone”…)

Next, select an Action from the “Action” pull down list, and then hit “Create

If you want to make a very custom list, just go to where it says, “Create New List” and enter the Name of your new list (Like “Best Friends” or “Interior Designers” and then you will have the ability to start adding Usernames. This way, you can make custom lists.

So, maybe you want all of your friends to be able to get naked, but only your “Best Friends” to be able to fly in your Spot. With a custom list, you can do that. Also, you might want some help decorating your Spot. Here, you can make a list of one person, or just a small group that could be, for example, “Interior Designer” and you can give permission to Decorate your Spot!


How to Decorate your Spot

There are some professional Spot Designers in Eros Island, who will be happy to work with you to get an awesome Spot customized for your tastes.

If you want to design your Spot yourself, or even if you want to learn to become a professional designer, you will use the Design Tool called the “Prop Editor”.

The Prop Editor can be accessed only when you are in your Spot (or, in another user’s Spot, if you have been given permission to Decorate their Spot). The Prop-Editor is accessed through the graphic at the top right of the screen when you are in the World. (The down-arrow for additional features will list Prop-Editor as an option. Simply select it, and you are in Prop Edit mode).

For details on how to use the Prop Editor, we have written a Quick Guide, and a full manual.

They are available online here: